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Create a workbook document

Organize homework assignments and assign to students via workbooks.  



  1. On the Dashboard select My Workbooks.
  2. Next, click Add Workbook.
  3. Customize your workbook by entering a Label.
  4. To create a cover image for your workbook, under the section Cover, click Add media.  This graphic can be the following file formats:  PNG, JPG, JPEG, and PDF.   All files must be under 5.5 MB file size limit.   Click Add media button, and the Choose file to locate the file on your computer.   You will then see your image has been uploaded, then click Save
  5. Once you've done this, it will add this file to your media library so it can be used again to create other worksheets.   If you have already added your file to the media library, select it by clicking on the image which will activate the orange check box, then click Insert Selected.  
  6. In the section Share with teachers from your school, decide whether to Share workbook with school or Allow modifying.
  7. Under Exercise repetition, select Repeat full page or Repeat only errors.
  8. Choose the number of repetitions of the exercises
  9. Click the checkbox for Add button "Show Right Answers" when the student has finished the exercise if you'd like to show the answers to your students after they've completed the worksheet. 
  10. Under Grading Options, select which option is best for grading.  If you'd like to show custom grading responses, choose Custom and fill out the below fields from 0-10 to communicate their score. 
  11. Lastly, select whether to Ignore punctuation marks, capital letters or accents by checking the box next to each you'd like to activate.  
  12. Click Save